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Call Of Juarez Gunslinger Crack Fix Tpb Torrent [2022]




masteries and loadouts. start with a three stack of crit and two of energy shield(or passivatude is good too). when you go into the battle, make sure you hit the circle to mark enemy and then check which enemy is the one you have to hit, and then hit the circle in front of him, or in the case of several enemies in front of him and also mark the enemy you have to hit so he will not get hit by other enemies. then you can stand up and attack the enemies that have the circle over their head(you have to be a decent distance in front of them) with a charge shot if you have it, and if you have enough crit, a deep breath and just spam them with skills. if you have hit and run, you can do the same, but just spam skills instead. a good way of charging is to do the same thing that you did in the beginning of the battle, except that you won't check which circle is the one you have to hit, you will go straight to it. after you kill the enemies that you marked, go back to the circle you marked and get those enemies from the circle, then just follow the same thing but spam skills. also, a good way of defending is to spam skills until you get into the circle that you need to defend, then you should spam a defense button (it depends on your defense, but usually it's block) until the enemy that got you out of the circle dies. also, don't forget to go to your health and energy bar and check if you have enough health and energy to spam the skills and attack(I did this mistake and when I was killing enemies that I hadn't marked yet, I went back to health and energy bar to check if I had enough health and energy to spam skills, and when I did, I died like eight times because I was out of health and energy. so, remember to check your health and energy bar before spamming skills and attacking. also, remember that you can change your fight style after you go to the fight. if you want to spam skills, you can go straight to the circle with the enemy that you are about to kill, instead of checking if you have the circle you need or not. another good way of spamming skills is to do this: when you see an enemy that you want to kill, just turn and go straight to the enemy, then spam skills to kill him



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Call Of Juarez Gunslinger Crack Fix Tpb Torrent [2022]

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