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How to Choose the right wood panel bed

Wood panel beds come in many designs. These designs are in place to let you blend the bed choice with the appearance in your bedroom.

Wood panel beds can also come in different wood varieties. But, durable solid wood like oak and mahogany are among the best picks.

Below are four factors you need to consider before buying a wood panel bed.

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Wood choice

The kind of wood used in furniture making describes the experience you will get. Hardwood offers long-lasting service time and is the best kind of wood if you want something stylish and unique.

Softwoods, on the other hand, are cheaper alternatives if you are looking to save on the budget. Softwood is, however, not a recommended wood choice if you want something to last long.

The Poppy Bed, Cinnamon is an uncomplicated and traditional looking panel bed. It is a cheaper alternative and can fit any room outline. The wood finish can be customized to suit your appeal.

The Reclaimed Plank Bed is handcrafted Reclaimed Barnwood which is a durable wood. The finish is unique making the bed a unique choice if you are looking to introduce natural appeal in the bedroom.

Room appeal: Color and style

The bedroom appeal varies in many homes. Some homeowners prefer a traditional appeal while others fancy a contemporary appeal.

The look in your bedroom should match the type of bed and other furniture utilities. Also, the kind of finish should match your room’s general look.

Madison Traditional Bed With Matching Foot Board in Atlantic Gray is the perfect choice for bolder bedrooms. The bed assumes a traditional and classic look making it a unique alternative.

Coralayne Full Upholstered Panel Bed in Silver is a stylish unit that blends contemporary-looking rooms. The extra high grey upholstered headboard has additional details and looks classy.

Pick For You: twin platform bed


The features of a bed are necessary additions that make your sleeping experience overwhelming. The most common feature many people look for is storage capacity.

Some beds will have two drawers and others will have six drawers. To choose the right full wood panel bed, you should understand your storage habits.

Barcelona Bed With Storage Drawers features a timeless design and a classic appearance. It is a solid wood Brazilian pine unit with two drawers that allow you to store bedding and other items.

Anika Platform Bed 2-Tone is more of a traditional style bed that has a light touch of modern design features. This bed can blend modern designed rooms and it has 2 ball-bearing gliding drawers placed at the footboard.

Low profile or high profile panel bed

The height of the bed is another relevant factor to consider before purchasing a full wood panel bed. The height of the ceiling will determine the correct height of the bed to choose from.

The Delaney Bed in One - Stone is a low profile simple upholstered bed that can be found in the master bedroom and the guest room. It features a button-and-tuck styling and 45" headboard.

The Solid Wood Distressed Style Bed is a high profile twin platform bed frame made from Solid Reclaimed wood and has enough storage space underneath.



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