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My Web Apps! 🎲

I enjoy coding Python apps on the mighty Streamlit framework! 🎈

These apps span fields I am deeply passionate about: SEO, data mining, Machine Learning, NLP, Analytics or Forecasting!

Try them out below! 👇


Extract and analyse entities at scale via the Google Natural Language API, directly from web pages!

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, Requests, Google Natural Language API

✨ Fields

SEO, NLP, Entity Analysis

Stream Back Machine

Leverage the power of Wayback Machine's API to retrieve oldest, newest & custom-dated archives! In bulk. For free!

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, Wayback Machine API

✨ Fields



Connect to Search Console and visualise your forecasted traffic in a few clicks!

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, GSC API, Facebook Prophet

✨ Fields

SEO, Forecasting


Retrieve autocomplete suggestions from Google & Bing! Visualise results in tree or tabular form.

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, Google Suggest API, Bing Suggest API

✨ Fields


My Open-sourced Apps! 🎁

Check the GitHub links below to get the code, improve it or integrate it in your own projects!

Leverage the power of Google NLP to retrieve entity relationships from Wikipedia URLs or topics!
Get interactive graphs of all connected entities!

Wiki Topic Grapher

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, Google NLP API, PyWikibot, Networkx, PyVis

✨ Fields

SEO, Entity Analysis, Wikipedia, Crawling

Automatically map your keywords or internal search terms to your crawled URLs!
Done as part of my BrightonSEO talk in 2021.

Auto Keyword Mapper

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, Requests, BERT via PolyFuzz

✨ Fields

Machine Learning, NLP, SEO, Multi-class Classification, Redirects

A Simple HTTP Code Checker built in Python with Streamlit, done exclusively for RankSense.
Get status codes + redirects, export everything!

HTTP Code Checker

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, Echarts via Streamlit Components, Requests

✨ Fields

SEO, Crawling, Data Visualisation, Redirects

Coming soon! 

Keep your eyes peeled for these! I'll release them shortly!

Pandas Profiler

Easy Exploratory Data Analyses on multiple CSVs! Check correlated variables, quantile + descriptive statistics in one click!

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, Pandas Profiling Component

✨ Fields

EDA, Statistics

GA API Connector

Make the most of the Google Analytics API by simply adding your API credentials! No more daily capped exports!

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, Pandas, Google Analytics API

✨ Fields

Analytics, PPC, SEO


Leverage the power of Google T5 & Hugging Face Transformers to generate quality question & answer pairs directly from URLs!

🧰 Stack

Streamlit, NLTK, Google T5 via Hugging Face Transformers

✨ Fields

NLP, SEO, Content Generation

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