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StreamBack Machine: retrieve archived URLs. At scale. For free!’s Wayback Machine has been ubiquitous for checking cached historical web pages for the last 2 decades!

It’s a great way to compare what’s currently live with older versions, check variations, issues or the progress you made!

WaybackMachine's user interface, however, can be cumbersome, and processing URLs one by one has always been frustrating!

Wouldn't it be nice to load a bunch of URLs and retrieve the data you want?

Good news! There's an API that’s free and versatile!

So I’ve rolled up my sleeves and got WaybackMachine the Streamlit treatment!

Paste a bunch of URLs (5 max in this early Beta, more coming!) in the text box and for each URL, you will get:

#1 The closed archive to a specific date (year, month, day)

First, you need to select your preferred date via the date picker:

Once done, here’s the output:

#2 The oldest archive available:

#3 The newest archive available:

#4 The total number of archives per URL:

You can also the data to CSV via the download link:

This early Beta is currently limited to 5 URLs. I’m planning to add more URLs and more functionalities soon - stay tuned! 😊

Drop me a line if you have questions, spot bugs or have any suggestions!

Lastly, this app is free. Buy me a coffee if it’s useful to you! 🙏

Happy URL archiving! 📁🔥

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