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Introducing Wiki Topic Grapher 👾

Leverage the power of Google #NLP to retrieve entity relationships from Wikipedia URLs or topics!

  • Get interactive graphs of connected entities

  • Export results with entity types and salience to CSV!

Use cases

Many cool use cases!

  • Research any topic then get entity associations that exist from that seed topic

  • Map out related entities with your product, service or brand

  • Find how well you've covered a specific topic on your website

  • Differentiate your pages!


About the stack, it's 100% #Python! 🐍🔥

⚒️ Still To-Do’s

  • 💰 Add a budget estimator to get a sense of @GCPcloud costs!

  • 🌍Add a multilingual option (currently English only)

  • 📈Add on-the-fly physics controls to the network graph

  • 💯Add Google KG #API to add more data (scores, etc.) (ht @LoukilAymen)

That code currently lays in a private repo. I should be able to make it public soon for you to re-use it in your own apps and creations! I just need to clean it a tad, remove some sensitive bits, etc.

🙌 Shout-outs

Kudos to @jroakes for the original script. Buy that man a 🍺 for his sterling contributions! ->…

Kudos also to fellow @streamlit Creators:

💲 Beware on costs!

It can get expensive quickly with that Google Natural Language API!

Monitor your costs via the GCP console regularly and/or put quotas to tame that G beast! I'm planning to add a budget estimator pre-API calls. Should come handy.

Feedback and support

Wiki Topic Grapher's still in Beta, with possible rough edges! Head-off to my Gitter page for bug reports, questions, or suggestions.

This app is free. If it's useful to you, you can buy me a ☕ to support my work! 🙏 ▶️

That's all, folks. Enjoy!


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