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Generate FAQs for your pages automatically with What The FAQ!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Wouldn't it be nice to auto-generate qualitative FAQs for your pages?

What The FAQ leverages the power of Huggingface Transformers & @Google T5 & to generate quality question & answer pairs from URLs!

Try the app here!

Select your best Q&As on the fly & export them to CSV!

1. Input a URL and the tool will suggest Q&As

2. Select the Questions and answers that *make sense*

3. Download the Q&As to create your FAQs!

Many cool content & SEO use cases!

✓ Use it for content generation

✓ Map-out Q&A pairs w/ your product, service or brand

✓ Research any topic & get Q&A pairs from that seed topic

✓ Differentiate your pages

🧰 About the stack

It's 100% Python! 🐍🔥

✓ Web framework: @Streamlit! 🎈

✓ Scraping tasks: Requests

@Google T5 via @huggingface Pipelines -

✓ Not to forget @thiago's mighty Component for coloured labels! 🙌

🛠️ Still To-Do’s:

✓ Optimise code to increase speed ⚡

✓ Increase RAM capacity to mitigate bumps and allow more content to be analysed!

✓ Provide additional Q&A algorithms

📂 About open-sourcing the code:

That code currently lies in a private repo. I should be able to make it public soon for you to re-use it in your own apps and creations!

Keep your eyes peeled! 🙌

Beta version

WTFaq is still in beta, head off to my Gitter page for bug reports, Qs or suggestions


This app is free! You can buy me a ☕ to support my work if it's useful to you!


🎲 Check my other apps!

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This is great, I am trying to use the app but its fails to load, how can I actual try it

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