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My Data Projects

I enjoy building awesome Python apps on the mighty Streamlit framework!

Check them out! 👇

Wiki Topic Grapher

Visualise entities from Wikipedia pages!


Leverage the power of Google NLP to retrieve entity relationships from Wikipedia URLs or topics! 🔥

  • Get interactive graphs of connected entities

  • Export results with entity types and salience to CSV!

Streamback Machine


Harness the power of WaybackMachine's API to retrieve:


  • Oldest

  • Newest

  • Custom-dated archives


In bulk. For free! 


Entity Analysis. At scale!

Copy of Copy of Suggest (1).jpg

This Streamlit app leverages the Google Cloud Language API to extract:

  • Entities from URLs

  • Salience scores

  • Entity counts

Upload your GCP credentials & you're off! 🚀


Autocomplete suggestions from Google & Bing. At scale!

Stream suggest.png
  • StreamSuggest bulk retrieves auto-complete suggestions from Google & Bing!

  • Up to ~450 keywords in one go!

  • Visualise your results in tree or tabular form

  • Export to CSV!

More coming soon.

Stay Tuned!

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